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      Taylor Masters, the owner of Furballs Pet Grooming was born and raised on Cape Cod with animals always being her number one priority. She started as a bather at Groomingdale's back in 2005 while going to college and working a second job. This is where she discovered her love for grooming. Taylor then furthered her education and passion and attended the Connecticut School of Dog Grooming where she offered to help, stayed extra hours with night class doing laundry and cleaning, etc. She became friends with the owner of the school, Jenny, who took extra interest in Taylor. Their friendship grew and Taylor attended the Westminster Dog Show in New York City with Jenny, who then spent extra time teaching her hand scissoring skills and every other trick in he book. After graduating with flying colors, she moved back to the Cape to work with Roy at Groomingdale's. After about a year, the shop had to move and Taylor found herself at The FurSide where she met of the wisest and kindest business women she knows to this day.

      At this point, Taylor took some time off from grooming thinking she may want a change....perhaps entering the medical field with cardiac ultrasound. While debating on helping others' hearts, she realized her heart belonged to grooming still. She went back to Groomingdale's to work with Roy and do what she truly loved. That was 2011.

      As she continuously sharped her skills along with her clippers, she realized she had the power to make her vision come true.....her very own shop. With her family and friends cheering her on, FurBalls Pet Grooming was born on Cape Cod!


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