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dog getting nails trimmed

Grooming Services 

Grooming Services 

    At FurBalls, we know every animal is special and has specific needs. We treat each "FurBall" with extreme care and attention to detail. Sometimes this makes it a bit difficult to put an exact price on their services. Below is a window of pricing for your convenience. These prices are based on pets that are groomed on a regular schedule and final prices are determined by groomer.


dog grooming, big dog in bath
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Spaw   Services

Nail Polish $10.00
painted dog nails, dog nails painted
De-Skunking $25.00
puppy with skunk
Paw Soak $5.00
Funky Colors 
dog fur dye, fur color dog

Does your dog lick their paws? This is the perfect solution to help eliminate Paw Licking!

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